A Point-of-Sale solution built on the Salesforce.com platform.
Ideal for field sales, field service, not-for-profit, high value retail
and customer focussed companies

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Person Present Payments

We take person present payments directly on the Salesforce platform. Integrating directly to credit card terminals that support all major cards along with contactless and Apple pay. We offer some of the lowest transaction fees in the industry.

Mobile Point-of-Sale

We are creating our products at the forefront of the mpos and #nextgenpos movements. Our platform provides a mobile phone or tablet interface to generate, manage and sell to your customer.

Customer Companies

We understand the vision that all businesses that sell have; to be a customer focussed company! This is why we build out Point-of-Sale products natively on the Salesforce platform. For too long taking customer payments has focussed on the transaction and not the customer. We are helping to change this!

About us

Point-of-Sale solutions on the Salesforce platform.

We are building Point-of-Sale solutions that run on the Salesforce platform. Changing the way you can interact with your customers.

Customer focussed companies care about building stronger lasting relationships with their customer, this helps to build loyalty and ultimately generates increased revenues.

At Eposly we are helping to change the way field sales & service businesses, not-for-profit organisations and high value retail stores connect the transaction to the customer by providing a Point-of-Sale solution that is native to the Salesforce platfrom.

Eposly helping companies to be more customer focussed

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