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Mobile Checkout Demos @ Dreamforce

Meet the Eposly team at Dreamforce 2019 in San Francisco, November 19-22. This year we are not exhibiting at Dreamforce. We believe that the future of retail is mobile. Mobile Point-of-Sales. We help our customers to capture customer details, build … Read More

What is Eposly?

Eposly is a point of sale and retail management app built on the salesforce platform. Our salesforce and mobile app has revelusioised retail by getting retailers closer to their customers with a modern, integrated mobile solution. For too long retailers … Read More

Money is Dead, Long Live Money!

Can you remember the last time you paid for a significant purchase with cash? … Read More

Meet us at Dreamforce

Meet the Eposly team at Dreamforce 2019 in San Francisco, November 19-22. … Read More

Donations for Charities

Eposly has good coverage in the not-for-profit sector and with charities? … Read More


Eposly joined the Salesforce for Startups team to talk about our Accelerate experiences. … Read More

Accelerate Graduation

Eposly have completed the full Salesforce Accelerate incubator course and have graduated with flying colours! What an amazing 6 months it was!

Case Study, Wine Farm.

Pearle Morrisette chose Eposly to run their retail operations. … Read More

Paris – Salesforce Accelerate takes us to Paris!

The Salesforce Accelerate programme has been an exceptional learning experience to date fro Eposly and the other cohort companies that are running in this years incubator. This years cohort companies have demonstrated an increased understanding of the salesforce ecosystem and … Read More

Eposly adds Square support

Eposly has completed its integration to the Square Card reader, this now adds an additional payment service to the suite of payment gateways and features offered by the Salesforce ecosystem point-of-sale company. Square is changing the way that payments are … Read More