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David M Robinson Case Study.

Eposly in action.

DMR, a leading jeweller based in Europe are closer than ever before to their customers thanks to Eposly. Every single piece of jewellery that DMR sell is uniquely special. DMR want to bring the same care and craftsmanship to their point of sale and CRM.

To care for their customers they need to know their customers. This starts in their shops. Whenever DMR process a sale through Eposly they use an ipad to track the order and customer data in salesforce in real time. This allows DMR to record what they have sold, who they have sold it to and how much they have sold it for.

Once the customer is ready to pay DMR use an Eposly’s integrated card machine to take payment, an integrated cash register and integrated printers to print branded receipts.

Post sale, DMR use Eposly to discover new insights into customers, this data is used to upsell products and accelerate growth.

1. Eposly has allowed DMR to meet high customer experience and sales KPIs.

2. Eposly has allowed DMR’s management to see sales by store, by customer and by sales agent in real time

3. Eposly has allowed DRM’s marketing team to analyse the products sold and upsell new products to both existing and new customers.

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