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Motive Energy Case Study.

Eposly in action.

Motive Energy is a company that specialises in providing material handling solutions for businesses across Canada. The company offers a range of services related to motive energy, including the sale, rental, and maintenance of electric forklifts, batteries, chargers, and related equipment. With a focus on energy-efficient and sustainable solutions, Motive Energy helps its clients reduce their environmental impact and save money on energy costs. The company also offers training and safety programs to ensure that its clients' employees are properly trained on the use of the equipment and operate it safely. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and a team of experienced professionals, Motive Energy has become a trusted provider of material handling solutions in Canada.

Motive Energy required a connected platform, with modern capabilities in order to improve user experience (existing legacy systems were very data), increase the speed of customer interactions, accurately calculate tax, delivery invoices digitally and the ability to sell in store and in the field

The transformation will enable a complete modern solution for retail stores across the entire country!

1. 80% More accurate pricing and tax calculations

2. 30% increase in customer volume processing due to improved speed

3. 50% faster customer interactions

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