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Eposly Print Connector.

The Eposly Print Connector provides a link between Salesforce running in a browser and the printers that are installed on the computer.

Minimum System Requirements.

Java Versions


Eposly Print Connector 2.1

Minimum Java Version:

Java 8 / OpenJDK 11

Our suggested download:

If Java is not installed, then the EPC installer will prompt to download and install.

Operating Systems

Operating System:

Apple OS X

Microsoft Windows

Minimum Version:

OS X 10.7 Lion or higher*

Windows 2010 or higher*

Version 2.0 or higher requires 512MB of free memory (RAM), recommends 6GB or higher total system memory for raster graphics.

Web Browsers

Web Browser:




Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

Minimum Version:

Safari 6.0.3 or higher

Firefox 31 or higher*

Chrome 31 or higher

IE 10 or higher*

20.x or higher*


Please download the Eposly Print Connector here:

Windows Installer:

Mac Intel Installer:

Mac M1 (Arm) Installer: