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Cut your lines.

Your customers don’t want to stand in line!

Retailers these days are being asked to operate in a constantly evolving landscape. With lock-down rules frequently changing, a dynamic retailer needs to be able to respond to the changing environment.

We have found that Eposly customers have been able to respond well to this situation. Our customers have built their operations on top of the most connected business system in the world! ( This allows them to operate in a very dynamic way, they are able to change retail processes at short notice, they can implement new online retail experiences, they can quickly implement new omni-channel lines of business and they can operate their core POS and retail managements system from anywhere.

For businesses that have not adapted to modern systems often the choices are more limited… if you can only sell from within the store and there is a lockdown in place. The you must put the business on hold!

Eposly enables a more flexible approach as we have always been built as a mobile first product.

Sell Anywhere

With a fully mobile sales operation your shop and staff can go anywhere to transact and service customers. Your business is able to be taken on the road, you can make home visits, transact outside, on the doorstep, queue bust or even just generate orders and take payments anywhere within the store.

Interact better with your customers

When the point of sale is built as a mobile app. The user and customer experience is massively improved. Everyone these days knows how to use a mobile app! Users do not need complex training, a mobile app is designed to be intuitive. Using a mobile app can be a shared experience! For most of our customers the sales process can be completed with a single finger operation of the mobile app, without the sales assistant needing to be distracted or even break eye contact with the customer!

Keep a POS-In-Your-Pocket

A modern form of client focussed retail, a pattern that has been adopted by Apple’s physical stores, is one where the Sales assistant has a Point-of-Sale in their pocket. They can move around the store to service and help customers. Then when the customer is ready to purchase, the transaction can be completed on the spot with the Mobile POS. This provides an excellent customer experience, no need to send the customer to queue at the back of the store! This POS model has been proven to increase successful sales as the process is faster, more streamlined and the Sales assistant never needs to break the 1-2-1 contact model.

Your customer don’t want to stand in line!

It has been a long understood that longer store lines or queues will result in loss of revenue. Reports have shown that customers have a limited capacity for standing in queue. This varies by product type, for essential items such as food or fuel, customers will wait longer. However with luxury or impulse items it is critical that the customer is served quickly and that the experience is positive. Customer may not even enter a store for these product types if the store looks overly busy or there are queues.

Eposly is a Mobile first Point-of-Sale – Our software can be implemented on mobile phones, tablets and also in a more traditional fixed desktop setting.

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