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Multichoice Case Study.

Eposly in action.

Multichoice is a media and entertainment company that provides subscription-based television services across Africa. Its primary service is the DStv satellite television platform, which offers a wide range of channels and programming options, including sports, movies, news, and lifestyle content. Multichoice also offers streaming services through its Showmax platform, which features a variety of local and international movies, TV shows, and original content. With a strong presence in many African countries, Multichoice has become a leading provider of entertainment content, serving millions of subscribers across the continent.

To care for their customers they need to know their customers. This starts in their shops. Whenever Multichoice process a sale through Eposly they use an iPad to track the order and customer data in salesforce in real time. This allows Multichoice to record what they have sold, who they have sold it to and how much they have sold it for.

Once the customer is ready to pay Multichoice use an Eposly 2019 integrated card machine to take payment, an integrated cash register and integrated printers to print branded receipts.

The transformation will enable a complete cloud solution for retail stores across an entire continent!

1. 150% improvement in cash handling errors and traceability.

2. 1000% A ten fold increase in data accurate customer 360 view will be delivered.

3. 25% increase in sales are expected.

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