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Ignite Non-Profit growth.

Maximise Non-Profit success with Eposly. Streamline operations, enhance fundraising, optimise donor management, and drive impactful change. Benefit from exclusive discounts with our Non-Profit Starter Pack. Unlock possibilities and make a lasting difference with Eposly.

Secure donations with our PCI-compliant payment partners for Non-Profits.

Quickly and efficiently take donations with Eposly's connected card terminals.

Seamlessly manage users across Non-Profit locations.

Easily enable your store managers to create and manage users for your store associates at a store level.

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Boost integration with our streamlined events for Non-Profits.

Accelerate integrations with Eposly's streaming events package.

Track donations accurately in real time with transaction information in hand.

Manage your Non-Profit from your phone by monitoring Eposly's real time revenue reports.

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