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Pearl Morissette Case Study.

Eposly in action.

Pearl Morissette is a winery business based in picturesque Ontario, Canada. With wine tasting hosted in their stunning vineyard and onsite corporate events in mobile locations, Pearl Morissette needed a point of sale system that allows their sommelier’s to take payments in the vineyard store and at their customer locations.

te knew they needed to bring the same quality to their point of sale operations as their wine. When Pearl’s sommelier’s are conducting wine tastings at their customers locations they use eposly’s mobile app and connected card machine to process payments. When the sommelier’s are back at the vineyard they process sales through eposly’s ipad app, connected card machine and connected printer.

Because Pearl Morissette use eposly, their sommelier’s can process payments against new or existing customers and synchronise the data back to salesforce in real time. This allows Pearl’s inventory team to see stock levels in real time and their management team to track sales performance, identify key customers and restock popular vintages.

With the ability to take payments in the field and in store Pearl Morissette have increased their visibility of their customers, reduced the time taken to receive payments and much improved stock control.

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