Breathe life into the future of retail.

A powerful POS system, all within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Cultivate your business with our Salesforce native POS system.

Game-changing Technology.

Our game-changing technology and our passionate team of retail experts, make retail simple.

Built natively on Salesforce

All data is stored on the Salesforce platform in real time, enabling real-time monitoring and management reporting.

Customer Lookup and Creation

Lookup customer to view information, review past orders and create new associated orders for the customer.

Multiple Payment Types

Select payment types to fit with industry specific processes and to enable a deeper reporting view.

View Product Inventory Levels

Within the front end point-of-sale interface we can access to the inventory stock levels for products.

Real-time Data and Analytics

All data is stored and queried from Salesforce standard and custom objects. Making data queries a breeze.

Fast Native Mobile Application

The frontend is built as a native mobile application to provide fast and responsive user experience.

The Solutions.


Allow your colleagues to create a personalised shopping experience by providing them a 360-degree view of the customer.

Omnichannel insights

Capture a complete view of customers, orders, inventory, revenue, and store performance across all channels.


Buy from anywhere and fulfill from anywhere. Provide a full range of omnichannel fulfillment options to improve customer convenience and maximize inventory sell-through.


Enable cross-channel returns and exchanges in a single transaction and from a single system.

Endless Aisle

Empower your store associates to save the sale by giving them the ability to access and sell inventory from any location or distribution center.

Inventory Managment

Manage inventory efficiently and accurately to deliver seamless omnichannel customer experiences.

Our industry leading partners.

The Eposly Partner Ecosystem provides leading technology, expertise and a number of pre-built integrations, giving you access to retail’s most powerful best-of-breed toolkit.

Lets build something great. Together.

Eposly is the only POS which is built within Salesforce. Retailers like Breitling and DMR use our platform and store associate apps to deliver end-to-end omnichannel capabilities with simplicity and ease.