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Sell faster, sell smarter with Eposly's Mobile and Lightning Point of Sale.

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The all-in-one Retail Solution.

The Salesforce platform POS app that helps you sell smarter and faster with Eposly's AI, omnichannel POS and connected retail experience.


Provide customers with a seamless shopping experience in store, online and over the phone with Eposly's connected retail platform.

Endless Aisle

Turn your POS into a profit center by selling stock in store and products that are across your other sales channels.

Cash Management

Manage cash registers, floats and report on real time cash levels across your entire store portfolio.

Inventory Management

Track real time stock levels across your entire store portfolio, and identify products that are going out of stock.

Special Offers

Create and manage special offers directly on Salesforce, and deploy to the shop floor quickly and efficiently.


Manage fulfillment options with Eposly's intelligent order management solution.

POS Reporting

Report on store performance, inventory health and identify key customers. All in real time with Salesforce reports and dashboards.

Flexible Payments

Quickly and efficiently take payments with Eposly's flexible payment module.

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Drive sales with Eposly's mobile and lightning POS.

Redefine your in store experience by connecting your shop floor to Salesforce, providing a true customer 360° across all channels.

Get started with our Salesforce native POS systems.